Commercial Window Cleaning


Kamloops Window Cleaning is using the  pure water window cleaning technology. This technology uses ultra-puified water, in combination with specially designed window cleaning brushes and carbon-fiber poles to offer spot-free cleaning of glass and sills.  In the appropriate situations this window cleaning method offers exceptional results while reducing the need and risks of ladders, etc. We can reach up to 50 feet. 



The ladder is still used often by our window cleaning technicians. Safety is always our concern. We have specialty ladders for window cleaning including the traditional sectional window cleaning ladder to provide whatever solution is best to access the window to clean it in the best, safest and most efficient manner. All of our window cleaning team receive hands-on safety training on the safe use of ladders.

Office Park & Office Window Cleaning

We provide window cleaning service to the area's leading property management companies and building owners.  Our team is experienced working in professional office environments and can be counted on to quietly and unobtrusively take care of your tenant’s window cleaning needs with little disturbance.

Storefront and High Frequency Window Cleaning

Clean Storefront windows can have a huge effect on Customers. What impression are your windows giving your customers?  Business owners often spend a lot of time designing their storefront to project an image that attracts business; Are your windows attractive?

It is our aim to set a schedule for you that keeps your business looking clean, fresh and inviting!  If you have a business for which a clean image is critical (medical, restaurants, professional, etc.) we have window cleaning programs to keep your windows looking clean so as NOT to affect your image negatively.

You can count on our team to be there summer and winter, rain, snow or shine!


Service a Step Above

Your satisfaction is the whole of our job. If you are not 100% thrilled with the results, we will return to make it right. We promise.



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